What to Expect


We place a high value on congregational singing. The songs we sing, which are typically accompanied by piano, are mostly hymns and psalms because they were written to be sung by the congregation. This doesn’t mean that we are opposed to other forms of music – not at all! But we believe that robust congregational singing of meaningful texts has great value in worship.

Family Integrated Worship

We are a Family Integrated church, which means that we encourage the family to stay together during worship. We realize that this is not a common practice, and that it can be a bit of a challenge to make the transition. We are eager to help in any way we can. It isn’t nearly as difficult as many think, and the rewards are far greater than most imagine.

Weekly Communion

The Lord’s Supper (communion) is observed every week. In this Kingdom Feast, believers celebrate our union with Christ and with each other. It may be helpful for you to know that we use wine instead of grape juice, and a yeasted, or common, bread instead of an “unleavened” bread for communion.

Weekly Fellowship Meal

Every week (except the first Sunday of each month) following the worship service we share a meal together. You are invited to join us for the meal. It is a great way to meet us, give us a chance to know you, and enjoy some good home cooking together.