The Lord Commissions Us


A final charge is given to the congregation to be faithful in pursuit of Christ’s charge to make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the triune name, and teaching them to observe all of Christ’s commands.

Closing Prayer

In this prayer we voice our gratitude for all God has done for us in his Son, including the fellowship meal we share weekly after the worship service.


A blessing, or good word, is spoken from Scripture to impart a blessing on those present as we depart from the worship service.

Gloria Patri

The congregation concludes by singing the Gloria Patri, a rich song ascribing glory to God, the triune, eternal and sovereign Lord of all.

Fellowship Meal

The Lord’s Day is a feast day. Each week (with the exception of the first Sunday of each month) we all bring food to share in a fellowship meal. In this meal we seek to cultivate and express the fellowship we have in Christ in a simple yet meaningful way. Guests are eagerly invited to stay and enjoy this meal with us!