Worship Guide

The worship guide is meant to help you understand how our worship service is structured and why. Use the submenus to see each part of Christ Church’s order of worship.

Foundational to our understanding is that the Sunday worship service is the appointed time each week when God’s people gather for the purpose of performing their joyful duty of worship. Thus, the primary focus is on leading believers in the worship of the Triune God, not evangelism. This does not mean that we do not welcome non-Christians, or are unconcerned about evangelism; it simply means that reaching unbelievers is not the primary purpose of the worship service itself. In fact, we are more than happy when people who are unconvinced of the claims of the Gospel of Christ are present. It is our great hope that they will hear the gospel, see God’s people worshiping him, hear the songs, the sermon, the creed, and be changed by them so that they, too, can join with God’s people in worshiping him. 

We follow an Order of Worship (or liturgy), which reflects our best understanding of what should be included in the worship of God. We believe the worship service should reflect the gospel interaction between God and his people, and a renewal of the covenant that he has entered into with us. The flow and elements point to different aspects of the life of the believer in relation to God and other Christians. In our worship we become one in a highly participatory service in which God’s people worship him in Spirit and in truth.

We hope you find this guide helpful. Come, let us worship the Lord together!